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Early Influences
Music has always been a part of Donnie's life. The first music he remembers hearing was his Grandpa's fiddle. He played what he called "old time music." Today they call it BlueGrass. He also played guitar.

While Donnie's Uncle Pete was staying with his family, Donnie was into Jerry Lewis and his piano playing got onto his uncle's nerves so bad that he taught Donnie how to play guitar. The guitar bug bit Donnie -- Elvis, Rick Nelson, the Everly Brothers and all of the rest of those wonderful performers of the 50's and early 60's.

The Beginning of his Recording Career
Donnie's recording career began in 1961, when a lady from Blackwell, OK by the name of Mae Hoose paid for a record session in Oklahoma City so Donnie and his young Rock 'n Roll band could record four of her songs. The man who owned the studio (Gene Sullivan) was an old pro who had written and performed on radio in the 30's and 40's. (Sullivan is remembered for his song "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again.")
The following year Taurus Record Company in New York put out a couple of the songs they had recorded, "Pink Cadillac and a Red Headed Girl" and "This is the Last Time" made some charts in the USA and was popular in Europe. (Today "Pink Cadillac" is a collector's item.)

Donnie and Diane Scored Several Regional Hitsdonnie and dianne
Donnie and his sister Diane teamed up to record and perform in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. They recorded a song by Bill and Doree Post, "HotRod Weekend" that landed in the top ten in Wichita, KS. They also opened the Dave Clark Five show from English when they were touring this area.

Donnie & Diane with Conway Twitty
A few years later they cut eight songs with Conway Twitty and his band.

Touring with the Conner Family
Donnie went on the road with the Conner family from Dallas, TX. They performed for a chain of Hilton Hotels, primarily on the East Coast.

Left the Road to be Home with his Children

childrenDonnie eventually stopped touring and went back to teaching school and coaching so he could spend more time with his childr
Donnie continued to write, compose and perform music in Kansas and Oklahoma.
During a special period of his career, Donnie's children were an important part of his band.


Donnie's Children

Donnie's children have remained an important part of his life.

Donnie Jr. is currently working in Branson MO.

David is in the Military and stationed in Iraq.

Anna Terry is singing, acting and doing commercials in Dallas TX. View Anna's web site at

His songs, "Cowboy Come Home", "The Three Steps", "Fly on the Wind" and "Chippin' Aw
ay" have received international recognition and made several national charts in the Christian Country music field.

Donnie had a "Pick Hit" in Billboard magazine for "Doctor Can You Mend a Heartbreak" a #1 song on the National Independent Charts for "One Kiss at a Time" and a #3 song on those same charts with "Gabrielle".

Still Entertaining
Donnie still records his original songs and performs at stage shows, car shows and religious events.

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